My work is built on processes - process of executing my craft and that of natural phenomena such as erosion by the flow of water and wind. The works resemble landscape although there is no representative references but process itself.

Pastel drawing pre-directs the picture plane with movements and rhythm inspired by the natural process which drive the composition. Then thin layers of fluid paints overwrap drawing. The process is repeated to create complexity and depth.  

Because of Mylar's semitransparent surface, unpainted sections on painting give airy openness.  The pieces are mounted on wood panel. Its wood grains appear through Mylar where unpainted which enhances organic tone.

Deeply influenced by Carl Jung and Abstract Expressionism, I am interested in our ability to store incredible amount of perceivable data in our subconscious mind. And the ability to connect with people in subliminal level. I imagine having invisible rhizome nourished by memories dreams, images and ideas stored deep under the ground which is connecting with others to share emotion or beauty without boundaries.

Painting is for me is a journey to my rhizome, to discover how all my perception and experience have blended.

In The Iceland Project, taking a different approach from painting, I try to make interpretation of already other-worldly chaotically spectacular landscape of Iceland with simple straight lines and geometric shapes, to create imaginary space.

Artist drawing at Fjadrargljufur Canyon, Iceland

Artist drawing at Fjadrargljufur Canyon, Iceland